Several years ago, scratch cards were only played offline. But with the advancement in technology and the internet, the game has now moved to the online world. Typically, scratch cards are cheap and give you a fun way of making money. If you need to move away from serious casino games, such as video slots and table games, consider betting on the online scratch cards at .

How Can One Play Online Scratch Card Games?

Probably, when it comes to betting on this game on the internet, it's worth noting that you will not perform any physical scratching. Thus, put your coin aside and move away from the screen. In this game, you need to scratch off the panels, and then click on some buttons or panels to show whether you have won anything. The game has a 'reveal all' and 'scratch all' to fasten the betting.

Basically, this process of scratching and revealing them all is faster than scratching one card at a go. Due to this, most players can work their way in a short period. Keep in mind that you need to check a game's variance prior to making any purchase. A card with low variance pays frequently, though it has small sums. On the other hand, high variance cards pay awesomely.

  • Ask yourself whether you want to play regular small wins or infrequent large wins.

What are the Different Variations of Scratch Cards?

Most online scratch cards you will come across on the web will need you to use a virtual pen or scratch to wipe away the coating. Other games, on the other hand, demands you to press a button. What's more, others involve a side game. Merely put, the common game variations you'll find include, bingo scratch cards, licensed scratchers, casino scratch cards lottery scratchers, and automated scratch cards.

Which are the Popular Scratch Card Providers?

While it's easier to design this casino game than the card or table games, there are only a handful of casino gaming developers that develop scratch cards and a good number of them are veterans in the casino world. Besides, there're few developers who try to develop this special game. Currently, the companies that have excelled at developing the online game include, Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and Rival.

Why Play Online Scratch Cards?

As opposed to the offline version, the online scratch cards give an incredible dose of excitement to the gamblers. While you may not be into online gambling, it is quite easy and fast to take your phone and scratch off instead of buying and scratching off the card physically. In addition, if you don't want to bet with real money, you can start practicing and enhancing your skills with free games.